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Gate City Family, Friends, & Supporters,

I am excited to announce our new Gate Keepers Initiative.  Gate Keepers is a capital campaign which allows our stakeholders to “keep the gate open” for the next generation.  Many of us know firsthand that we would not be in the successful positions we hold today if someone had not “kept the gate open” for us and this is an opportunity to pay it forward!  This fundraising effort will provide meaningful contributions to The Gate City Foundation, which funds our community programs, including the Community Law Clinic, Justice Benham Law Camp, Summer Associate Program, and more.

To become a Gate Keeper, a member will donate $50 or more to the Foundation in addition to paying his/her annual dues.  If your 2017 dues have already been paid, you can still become a Gate Keeper by making a donation via check or PayPal for $50.00 or more.  (If your 2017 dues have not been paid, you can both pay your dues and make a donation, at the same time.)

Thank you in advance for considering becoming a 2017 Gate Keeper!  You can donate or renew on our membership tab above.

Special thanks to our early Gate Keepers who have already donated and are helping to elevate our organization!

In service to Gate City,

Shawntel R. Hebert, Esq.

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