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2018 CLASS:

O. V. Brantley

Michael V. Coleman

Ernest L. Greer

C.B. King Sr. (posthumously)

2017 CLASS:

The Honorable Willie J. Lovett Jr. (posthumously)

Keenan R. S. Nix

P. Andrew Patterson

The Honorable Pinkie T. Toomer

2016 CLASS:

Honorable Barbara A. Harris

Curtis L. Mack

Felker W. Ward Jr.

2015 CLASS:

Emmet J. Bondurant

Honorable Alford J. Dempsey Jr.

Samuel M. Matchett

Michael L. Thurmond

2014 CLASS:

Honorable Myra H. Dixon

Martin L. Ellin

Anita Wallace Thomas

2013 CLASS:

Honorable  Michael E. Hancock

Timothy Jefferson Sr.

W. Ray Persons

2012 CLASS:

Miles J. Alexander

M. Gino Brogdon Sr.

Teresa Wynn Roseborough

Larry D. Thompson

2011 CLASS:

Forrest B. Johnson

Richard H. Sinkfield

Hezekiah Sistrunk Jr.

2010 CLASS:

Honorable Glenda A. Hatchett

James “Mac” Hunter

Michael W. Tyler

2009 CLASS:

R. Lawrence Ashe Jr.

Honorable Brenda H. Cole

Charles T.  Huddleston

Howard Moore, Jr.

Senator Leroy R. Johnson

2008 CLASS:

Marva J. Brooks

Honorable M. Yvette Miller

Honorable Paul L. Howard Jr.

Bernard Taylor

2007 CLASS:

Honorable  Herbert E. Phipps

Avarita L. Hanson

Charles T. Lester Jr.

Patrise Perkins-Hooker

2006 CLASS:

Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. (posthumously)

Richard H. Deane Jr.

Honorable Penny Brown Reynolds

2005 CLASS:

Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears

Vernon E. Jordan Jr.

Honorable  Lenwood A. Jackson (posthumously)

2004 CLASS:

Thurbert E. Baker

Charles S. Johnson III

Donald P. Edwards

Paula J. Fredrick

2003 CLASS:

The Honorable Roy E. Barnes

The Honorable Clarence Cooper

The Honorable John H. Ruffin Jr.

The Honorable Thelma Wyatt Moore

2002 CLASS:

The Honorable Marvin S. Arrington Sr.

The Honorable Maynard H. Jackson

Thomas G. Sampson Sr.

1999 CLASS:

Justice Robert Benham

The Honorable  Isabel Gates Webster

The Honorable  Romae T. Powell

The Honorable Horace T. Ward

1997 CLASS:

Donald Hollowell

AT. Walden

Charles Clayton

R. Pruden Herndon

T.J. Henry

E.E. Moore

S.S. Robinson

Col. J.E. Salter

T.W Holmes

E.S. D’Antignac

R.E. Thomas Jr.

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