Mission Statement:

To create in the community a practical appreciation for the legal profession; to encourage persons of outstanding promise to attend first rate law schools and return to the communities that need their services most; to oppose arbitrary and capricious laws in our state with all the force and fiber of which we are capable as an organization; to uphold and extend the principles of justice in every phase of American life to the end that no one shall be discriminated against because of color, race, religious beliefs or national origin.


Established in 1948, the Gate City Bar Association is the oldest African-American Bar Association in the State of Georgia. The Gate City Bar Association was organized by ten African-American lawyers to provide the educational, social and community involvement of a professional association for African-American lawyers, who had been excluded from participating in the segregated bar associations in Atlanta and throughout the State.


  • To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of Georgia;
  • To further the purposes and goals of the National Bar Association;
  • To uphold and maintain the Canons of Ethics of the Legal Profession;
  • To provide continuing legal education programs to the legal community;
  • To participate in the selection of federal, state, and local judges;
  • To encourage all members of the Atlanta legal community and particularly the African-American Atlanta legal community to participate in the activities of the Association;
  • To coordinate the efforts of the members of the Association in promoting the welfare of the community.

Fiscal Year:



Regular Membership: $100, Paralegal Membership: $50, Student Membership: $20, Affiliate Membership $60

Annual Signature Programs:

  • Black History Month (February)
  • Law Day (April)
  • Community Law Clinic (May)
  • Summer Associate Program (May)
  • Benham Law Camp (June)
  • Golf Tournament (June)
  • Judicial Reception (August)
  • CLE Trip (September)
  • Garden Party (October)
  • Hall of Fame (November)
  • Holiday Happy Hour (December)

Office & Staff:

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The GCBA Judicial Section is committed to improving public awareness and a better understanding of what judges do.


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