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Download Membership Application (PDF)

Membership Benefits

Join the Gate City Bar Paralegal Section now!

Being a member of the Gate City Bar Association will serve to strengthen our paralegal family as we continue to grow and spread our knowledge throughout the legal community and with each other.

Membership paves the way to excellent networking opportunities and the sharing of ideas with other goal-oriented individuals who share a common thread.

Here are just a few of the reasons why now is the best time to join:

The GCB Paralegal Mentor Program sponsors a variety of social events to encourage and strengthen relationships between experienced paralegal professionals, entry-level paralegals and students.

The Second Annual Paralegal Awards Luncheon is designed to recognize and award Atlanta’s top paralegals. All members are encouraged to nominate a deserving paralegal for this prestigious award.

The Internship Program is designed for students and entry level paralegals to gain experience. Internship applicants must be recommended by their assigned mentor.

The Second Annual Training Seminar for experienced paralegals will be held August, 2016.

The Annual Skills Seminar is designed for students and entry level paralegals. The Annual Skills Seminar is always a huge success and educates over 100 paralegals and students. This enriching event also provides ample opportunity for networking with other legal industry professionals. This event is scheduled for October 10, 2009.

Yahoo Group Homepage: This is one of the most beneficial tools for students and paralegals that allow us to communicate daily. It is an exclusive benefit for members only. Members gain access to legal information, job listings, internships, databases, events, seminars, meeting minutes and files. Members can submit job related questions about local rules, e-filing, required forms and other topics. In addition, we share information about upcoming CLEs and other educational programs. You may view pictures of events and we also set up questions of the day and create polls to keep members active.

Paralegal Students: The Student Liaison committee has members from many of the local paralegal schools and programs. This committee hosts an annual job fair and coordinates study groups for the LSAT exam.

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